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Do you need Oxygen? Simply, YES! Everything is becoming mordernised, people spend more time on the internet looking for what they need than they used to do the usual window shopping. So if your business is not online your are loosing on a high percentage of percentage of potential customers that could be the turning point between you making a profit and closing does. If you think this is a joke or faux then try this, google one of the products you sell. What do you see? Your competitor is on google with a website that shows and sells the exact product you are selling, imagine how many potential they get from that? If this is not conviencing enough...

The cost of designing and developing a website is dependent on the size and scope of your business, our prices are flexible accormodating all business sizes, from start ups to fully established companies. To get a free quotation on how much it will cost you to run and own a website then you should not hesitate to give us a call or email us, our contact details are on Contact US

This depends on the package you choose, but out of goodwill, even if you choose a package that does not support mobile we might optimize your website for mobile view.

More than 60% of the people who use the internet use it from their mobile devices, so imaging the effect of losing the attention of that 60%+ potential cuatomers for your business, it would cost you a lot.

This is the process of optimising a website such that it can get FREE or ORGANIC search traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo Search. This is the cheapest way to grow your business online after building your website.

We will optimise your website for SEO depending on the package you choose.

Paid traffic is a broad term that defines the traffic you get on your website by paying for it.

Web hosting is the technology or service that allows your website to be on the internet. In laymans terms it is the "stand" on which your house plan would be located at.

A domain name is the name used to identify one or more IP addresses, it is the name that your website will be found under. For example the domain name for Cars and Car Parts is www.carsandcarparts.co.zw

The period it takes to design a website depends on the size of the project, for smaller projects we can take atmost three business days and for bigger projects the time interval can be up to 3 or 4 weeks.

If you still have any questions about website design and our services please dont hesitate giving us a call or sending an email, Please visit the contact us page to get our contact details.